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April 15, 2014

Ink Wars – The Battle of Creative South 2014 Recap

Ink Wars Creative South 2014

The ink has dried and the dust has settled.  History has been made once again, this time at Creative South Georgia.  Once again the reigning champ, the King of Ink, the 15mm Masacare; Aaron Sechrist a.k.a. OKPANTS still holding on to the Ink War title.  Though it wasnt an easy win by any means.  This battle was hands down  the closest battle yet.  The talent this year was so unique, so diverse and so raw. The judges, Mackey Saturday, Clark Orr and Mike Jones had an extremly hard time choosing just one winnner.  This is how it all went down.

The battle started off with 60 minutes on the clock. A massive crowd of closly packed spectators and the artists desperatly wanting to know the battle’s theme.  As the DJ started the 5 second count down I announced the battles theme, “James & the Giant Peach“.

With big prizes on the line Jason Craig, Aaron Sechrist, Logan Faerber, Shanua Lynn, Alonzo Felix, Jenny Lee, Lenny Terenzi and Nathan Yoder gave it there all. Every artist had a very unique style and conceptual approach to the battle.  The only consistency in this battle were the weapons at hand. Two 15mm Montana black paint markers, one 6mm Montana black paint marker and a pencil.

Time is the biggest enemy in Ink Wars.  With the crowd roaring and the music blasting each artist hurried to finish their piece.  When the clock stopped the judges took their time to decide a winner. Before handing over the winners they emphisized how hard it was to select the winners.

Here were the final results:

I’ve never whitnessed such raw talent like this in action.  It was truly an honor to host such an amazing battle.  I would like to thank the artists, judges, the Creative South crew, DJ Smooth B and the audience for making this the best battle yet.  A special thanks goes out to the Springer Opera House for building and setting up the show.

Also Treehouse and InColor Films captured the battle. So stay tuned for videos to come and keep the ink flowing.

For more 2014 Creative South pics be sure to check out this Album.

Think you have what it takes to dethrown the current champ Aaron Sechrist?  You might just get that chance. Rumor has it that there will be a battle of Cleveland in August at WMC this year.

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